Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trying to stay positive...

Ever since surgery in August I been a mess. A complete mess. The medication change is almost every two weeks. I go for blood work every two weeks. I am not myself nor will I ever be ever again. Seriously, If I had the choice I would stay in bed for days and hours. Some days I do. My body is acting crazy. Unfortunality I ended up back into my local hospital because I ended up becoming HYPER. My endocrinologist never changed my medications. Thankfully this time my local ER knew what they were doing and lowered my dose.

During Hurricane Sandy, my nerves were shot. I was a mess. I never in my life was so scared to get medical treatment during this storm. I didn't even think the storm would hit us so hard here in NY. The storm was horrible. During that time I had three appointments that week. Blood work and to talk to my endo because of the pain I been having in my neck. It has been one month with this pain in my neck.

Apparently, I cannot see my endocronologist. But I get to see his " nurse practioner". Better than nothing right? I guess so. Well I dont even know anymore honestly.  I saw the nurse practioner. She was really good. She knew what she was talking about. The nurse expalined everything about " Tumor marker" to TSH to T3 and T4. Things my endocronologist never told me. It really aggravated me that I didnt know all this until last week but besides the point now I know. They are watching me. She had to lower my dose so now I am on Levothyroxine 112mcg one a day. I still have to continue with the Calictrol for the rest of my life.

Unfortunality, my body is out of wack and it will be for awhile. I get that. Things take time. I no longer have a thyroid so my body has to adjust. But honestly I didnt think it would be this bad. I have no desire to do a thing. I feel like crap 24/7. I am always exhausted and cannot keep my eyes open. Still till this day I am having the neck pain where I had surgery. I'm not suppose to have pain. It hurts mostly at night. Finally I am laying down like a normal human being when I sleep. Sleeping well thats a whole other story. It sucks. I sweat a ton. I could shower probably every hour if I could. Oh, My hair is falling out and I didn't even start RAI yet.

 Low Iodine Diet andRadioactive Iodine starts in a few weeks and I am getting myself sick over this.
Thankfully I got approved to stay in NYC during treatment. I get to stay in NYC for two weeks alone. I am looking forward to resting since I wont be able to go out.

Basically, I am just trying to be positive. This isnt so simple. I have way to many symptoms. I was suppose to go the "urgent care" center where I get treated but I didnt have the energy to hop on the train and then take a taxi since funds are low as well.  Especially I am going away in a few days with the entire family on a disney crusie for 6 days. It's just alot. All of sudden she wanted me to go to the urgent care because she has no idea " WHY" I am having pain. The nurse who I saw last week has no idea why Im naucious and have pain and didn't do anything last week for it. It just getting to be to much. So I am dealing with the pain since advil does nothing and I am going to ENJOY this VACATION before LID and RAI starts in December.

I hope and pray nothing is wrong but its just way to much for me to go all the way there when they should of done something for me last week. Its to much.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ciao- Danielle

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