Saturday, November 24, 2012

No Spirit this year

With the holiday's around the corner, This year I just dont have the spirit like I used to. It's different this year. This year I have cancer. Many nights I just feel like its all a friggin nightmare.

My Birthday was the 18th of this month. It just wasn't the same. I spent the day with my niece. Although we had a good time ( I can't remember what we did) LOL. The struggle is still there. Then I went to my grandfather's house to spend time with him. An hour goes by my older sister had to come over to shave all of his hair off because he kept crying that all is hair is falling out. That killed the day. This is something I am going to remember for the rest of my life. Both of us are battling cancer together and its rough. It's an awful thing to go through especially two people in one family at the same time.

I am trying so hard to stay strong through all this but its tough when all I do is see him cry. Thanksgiving was sad my grandfather came over. He wasn't feeling so good so he took a nap. We ate at 2pm because he had chemo the next day. We knew he wasn't going to stay long. Then during dinner he started to cry. I ended up leaving the table after seeing everyone cry. So not the usual Thanksgiving. I just hope to GOD that things will turn around soon for the both of us. 

My parents booked us a Disney Cruise trip for all 8 of us including my niece. I am leaving tonight and I am kinda excited now because I just need a break. My mom got me a wheelchair just in case I cannot do the walking. Everything is all packed and I cannot wait. I need this BADLY! I will be home December 1st then reality sets in then. 

I am going to do my best to NOT THINK of DECEMBER. Seriously wish I can just stay on the boat forever and forget about DR'S & the cancer but I know that cant happen. Now that we are leaving tonight that means radiation is closer than I thought. This is kinda of making me sick because I am going to be away from home for two weeks.

During Thanksgiving I forgot to mention that the Peanuts (Charlie Brown) had a show on about CANCER. I never seen anything like this before. Check it out. I loved the ending :)

The video has 3 parts. The show is called " Why Charlie Brown Why"

Hope you all have a great week! I will post a few pictures when I get home.


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