Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Time is Ticking...

Today I went into the city for some new medication I have to be on for treatment. Treatment starts in a few days. One more day then I start the Low Iodine Diet. I am exhausted, I have a ton of things to do. Theres not enough time in a day anymore. I fell asleep in the taxi coming home because I am just beat. I never did that before LOL.  Today was a very long day when things never go as planned I had to wait two hours for the taxi to pick me up. So I didn't get home till 3pm which really sucks it was a 11:45am pickup. Story of my life.

Then my mother took me to the organic food store to buy stuff for this diet. Definitely time consuming and a lot of money. Especially your first time. I had no clue what I was doing. Tomorrow is my last day to eat whatever I want. Then for 6 days I have to stay on this diet till treatment. I took a picture lol because I couldn't believe all that money just for this food.

Thursday I am going to NYC by choice to be part of this new support group. Looking forward to doing this for myself. I need to do this. Saturday, I am getting a haircut and I have to pack.

On Monday I leave to go to the Lodge I am staying at in NYC for two weeks during treatment. My parents will be taking me there after work.  I am leaving by 4pm. Hopefully I will be home three days before Christmas. This all depends on my scan. Fingers crossed.

I am a bit nervous and getting really anxious which of course is normal.. It just sucks.

Remember that witch Sabrina from TV? Well I wish I was Sabrina right now where I can just snap my fingers and make all this $hit disappear.  Better yet, I wish I can just sleep right through all of this and wake up like nothing ever happened. Oh to be perfectly normal and fit. What a dream...

Trying to do the best I can...

Daily, I am going to be posting what I have been eating on the diet each day. There are so many people that are confused what we CANNOT eat. I thought this would be helpful.  I will also be updating as best as I can during treatment everyday. You will be hearing from me often.

Stay well!

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