Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Never ending Dr. appointments...

Everyday this week I had a Dr's appointment. It does get overwhelming but I want to focus next month on  my birthday and VACATION that is much needed. So I booked everything this month just so I can have some space before the nightmare begins in December. 

On Monday, I went to the cancer center to meet with a nutritionist. I have learned alot. I am trying to eat HEALTHIER and BETTER to get me stronger for Radio Active Iodine. Instead of going to my second appointment, I decided to cancel.  It was time for a break plus I wasn't ready for it. My favorite band was in town which was perfect timing. I saw them live in concert. It was a 30 minute concert but perfect. Even though it was alot for me to stand there that long, I enjoyed it so much. This is something I needed. Then after the concert was over I stayed. The security guard was telling some of us to stay calm dont yell and make a big deal about it. All of sudden he comes out and I started SHAKING like crazy. All the girls were pushy and it pissed me off. Jason Wade was right in front of me I smiled and I wanted a picture so bad but I ended up taking a picture of him and some girl. I was really exhausted and shy. I am so mad I actually left crying. For the last five years I been trying to meet them. Being backstage thanks to daddy is the BEST but I just wanted to take a picture with him and say HI. His music really helps me get through life.  It was very disappointing. Next time I will make sure I try harder and push every person away.

Music really helps me get by especially dealing with all this. It is so overwhelming and you cant do this alone.

October is BREAST CANCER awareness month. I am all for Breast Cancer awareness since I know a few survivors and some are fighting this battle. But there are other survivors out there that need your help as well
. There are other cancers that you should be looking for every year. Especially these precious little kids who are so young who have pediatric cancer. After hearing about Ronan's story from Stand up 2 cancer and how everyones ignoring pediatric cancer. This frustrates me so much. We have to get out there and spread more awareness.

Like I said I never heard about THYCA until I was diagnosed this summer. COMON! We have to do something about this we have to get out there and spread more awareness!

I am one of those people that HATE CAMERA'S but if I have to do that in order to get the word out there about THYROID cancer than I will. 
I have some good news coming up... but I can't share just yet.

I truly believe that ALL TYPES of CANCER'S should be EQUAL.


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