Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love the Fall...

The fall is my favorite season ever. Love the leaves and the cool weather. I have been pretty busy. trying to just live my life. Trying to not think about this stuff. Everyday I am exhausted from the moment I wake up. I cant seem to keep my eyes open a half hour after I wake up. Pretty crazy. So I called the Dr's office yesterday and they said I am still in the Hyper range thats why they lowered my dosage in the hospital. In about 2 weeks I go for blood work. Till then its a waiting game and I continue with the same medication. Also I am barely sleeping could be another reason why Im always tired.

Yesterday was 2 months since surgery. I still get pain here and there. Also a lot of discomfort.  I still cannot sleep like I used to and it pisses me off. I love my sleep. Now, I sleep up right because every time I lay down flat I feel like I am choking. So sitting up sucks.

Next week is my niece 3rd Birthday! I cannot believe she is going to be 3 already!

Today is my uncle's first birthday in heaven. I miss him more than anything. He was the best godfather anyone could ask for. Happy Birthday Uncle Mac. I love you. I miss you & I hope you are safe with great grandpa and great grandma. Your always on my mind.

Have a good night.

Ciao- Danielle

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