Monday, September 10, 2012

What a Day!

Today, my baby girl (niece) who is 2 going on 30, had her first day of preschool. Of course I took out my camera and started snapping away.  Then followed dance for the first time. Ah precious. Where did the time go?

In between all this I went to school for an hour. Turn out to be 2 hours because two of the buses "wheelchair lift" wasn't working. The 1st bus guy said " ITS NOT WORKING" didn't even bother to try. The 2nd bus driver was so kind to call it in and say " ITS NOT WORKING" even though she didn't make an attempt to try. I almost gave up and went back home. This is not the first time this happened. I get so frustrated with this and decided to call and complain finally. Its just not fair to people. These worker's need to learn to do their jobs the right way. They are suppose to check the buses before they leave the terminal. 

Anyways after watching Standup2cancer the other night,  I wrote a list about life. Watching that show made me realize a lot. This summer was HELL for me finding out that I have THYCA out of the BLUE. Surgery also happened so fast. In such short amount of time I realized this...

1) Be thankful. For everything that you have. No matter how much or how little. If you have kids, be thankful that they are healthy. Just be THANKFUL. Nothing ELSE matters!

2) STOP SMOKING! especially around people who have cancer. You would think that if a family member had cancer they would quit.

3) If you’re not happy, change your life and become happy. Life is way too short, not to be happy. You do not have to be; so STOP complaining.

4) Volunteer or donate. To St. Baldrick's foundation. An Animal Hospital. At The Ronald McDonald House. Whatever you are passionate about. Just do it!  Just do something to make a difference. DO ANYTHING!

5) Donate BLOOD. It’s not that hard. REGISTER to become a BONE MARROW/KIDNEY DONOR. You could help save someone’s life especially a precious child.

6) Make sure you get your NECK CHECKED & full physical exams. This is so important.

7). Eat & Stay Healthy!!!!!

8) Just be you and if someone cannot ACCEPT you the way you are (with or without cancer), then they don't deserve to be part of your life. PERIOD.

9) Life has many bumps in the road, but you just have to stay positive and stay strong even though its the hardest thing to do sometimes.

10) Enjoy every minute like its your last! Make a list, write down all the things you want to do and do them! 

11) Most of all be around people who love you the most because family and friends is the best medicine.

If you could please take a moment and sign this petition  "Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction Demand Better Care," is an initiative to increase awareness and improve the overall care of thyroid dysfunction.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN PETITION.  Thank You!

Before I leave I have to share these two photos with you.

This is so me LOL.  I know many of you can relate to this.

Some inspiration. I love this. :)

Hope you have a goodnight.
Ciao- Danielle

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