Sunday, September 9, 2012

1 month since surgery

Today marks 1 month since surgery. Time is flying by light crazy. I also went to my first THYCA meeting. This meeting has helped me be more aware of my blood work results and what to look out for. There is so much stuff that is so new to me that I get overwhelmed fast. Everything takes time. I definitely have learned a lot today. I am so glad I met new people who UNDERSTAND me.

Here is a picture that was taken today.

I had an okay day today. I am mainly in a daze. I dont want to do anything and Im always exhausted. Eventually I know things will get better. I just cant function right now. Way to much stress over this. My new friends from the meeting tonight did tell me not to wait to read everything in Nov for radiation thats taken place in Dec. I guess ill start reading later on in the week. Sometimes I still feel like this is all a nightmare. I still have crazy nightmares and I am barely sleeping. I NEED SLEEP. Tomorrow I am going to call my Dr's office because i learned today that its good to have your blood results. I also have to ask about MELATONIN. If I can take it because I NEED IT!

Tomorrow my 2 year old niece starts preschool. I am going to cry. She also starts dance tomorrow night! She has grown up way to fast!  Good luck baby girl your going to do great!

Hope you had a good day!

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Ciao- Danielle

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