Thursday, September 20, 2012

Support Group

On Saturday 15, 2012, I went to NYC to the Stupid Cancer OMG2012/East Summit. I woke up at 530am to take at 6am train to NYC. What a long day, but this was definitely worth it.

 This was my first time out since surgery! As well as my first time attending a conference about cancer. Stupid Cancer is an organization for YOUNG ADULTS who have cancer. Everyone there had different types of cancer. A few I never even heard of before. I have learned so much from this event. It way by far an amazing experience.

A few Dr's spoke about variety of things such as  NUTRITION & WELLNESS, CAREERS & INSURANCE . What was really inspiring was the YOUNG ADULT SURVIVOR PANEL. 

Here is what I learned:
- There are interactions with medications so always ask your Dr.
- Always bring your medication's to your nutritionist appointment.
-As far as snacks: Nut, almond, grains things that dont have a lot of preservatives in them are fine.
- You can eat a cookie or a regular pretzel in moderation.
-Kale, crackers with cheese, whole wheat pretzels, are good to have.
- Important to have stemmed vegetables and whole foods.
- You should eat lean meat, blueberries, carbohydrate diet, fruits. 
- American Cancer Society has information about nutrition on their website. Click Here
-  One of the Dr's said to pick up Michael Pollan book called Food Rules
_  Always have a supporter with you because your diagnosis can be overwhelming.

-When you are stressed exercise even if it's for 1 hour or half an hour a day. Do some yoga or get a massage as well.

When you are going to an interview for a Job here are some of the things you should think about.
- What does this job require me to do? 
- Do you have a problem doing this since your diagnosis.

Lastly, a few survivors spoke about there diagnosis. The entire time I was in tears. This really inspired me. They shared the same exact feelings I been having. There stories give me hope that I am going to be okay. I met two amazing people. One young adult who is amazing. She is battling Leukemia. She has to do chemo for one year. Her story really touched me.

Then I had the pleasure meeting Ethan Zohn who was on the TV show " Survivor" he is another survivor who had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

What an amazing event...Looking forward to more in the future!


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