Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finally a better day...

Today was a better day even though I am still having crazy heart palpitations. The nurse from the cancer hospital called. All my levels are perfect! Finally good news. Basically I just have to continue with the same medications. She advise me the heart palpitations is probably because I am doing things I normally dont do or anxiety. My Dr. called me back and said he encourages me to see a psychiatrist there. I am probably not going to do that. So right now I just live my life and just wait till December for radiation and isolation.

Then today I  went to my neurologist because my headaches on the new medicines are 100x worst. So now im on new medication since my other med's stopped working. So far so good and I made sure they don't intere with my 2 other med's.

Today was a busy day. I hung out with my niece and then we just got back from shopping. Time for bed. Tomorrow guess where I am going in 90 degrees lol. School Im crazy I know but I love it. I hope and pray ill be okay! lol. If not then no more. You would think I would learn from the other day. NOPE. Nothing will stop me until I collapse. The plan is to take the wheelchair if it dont rain since it'll be hot. LETS HOPE FOR NO RAIN. Walking is just a lot right now.

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