Friday, September 7, 2012

I need better days...

Tonight, I watched Stand up 2 Cancer for the first time. The entire hour of the show tears just kept flowing. Do they really have to play sad songs?

If you didn't Donate, Please donate now all funds go towards Cancer Research.

I was very surprised to not see anything about Thyroid Cancer. Someone told me there was going to be a big thing about this for the first time ever. I am disappointed.

Anyway, yesterday I went to school for a little while. I was very tired when I came home. Everything I do is a problem. Honestly, I get exhausted just from showering. Today I went back to school to finish things. So now I am satisfied for a week until club starts on the 17th.

This week is going to be a busy one. Thank goodness.

This Sunday, I will be attending my first THYCA support group in my area. I am looking forward to meeting new people and of course making new friends. Also Sunday marks 1 month since SURGERY! Can you believe it 1 month already? Time is flying like crazy. I will be posting pictures.

Even though Tuesday is such a sad day for all of us. Tuesday is an exciting day for me because my favorite band single will be out finally. So excited. And for the last six years, I been making handmade cards. My big holiday order comes on this day!  Very excited to start making new cards for the fall (my favorite season) and halloween. Something to keep me SANE.

On Saturday September 15th, I will be going to NYC for the Stupid Cancer event. This of course is my first time attending and I am really excited. It's an all day event 9am-9pm which is a very long day for me. Hopefully with lots of positive thoughts I can stay the entire time. Looking forward to this.

I am happy I have a few things coming up to keep me busy. October will also be a busy month for me! A MUST to stay busy so I dont think.

Today, I received this article. Sofia Vergara who happens to be an actress beats thyroid cancer. Check out the article here.  Everyday I am seeing more and more celebrities with THYCA.

Anyway, night time is really difficult for me. I barely sleep. I just lay in bed close my eyes nothing happens. Toss and turn a million times every second ( so annoying). Also I am very uncomfortable ( I KNOW IT WILL ALL CHANGE eventually). But I just need sleep. Actually a  GET A AWAY far far away and a massage too ( longer than an hour). LOL I want it all right now. My body is killing me. I am trying so hard to be positive.  At this point I am physically and mentally exhausted. I definitely need to keep busy so I dont loose my mind. The worst part is my memory is SHOT. Who forgets to put on deodorant, or forgets medication, or dont know what day it is. Im loosing my MIND!

You know when people say " You never know what you have until its gone.. like your thyroid and alot of  lymph nodes. 

one word  EXHAUSTION.

 Have a good weekend.


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