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Hello world my name is Danielle. I'm 27 years old. I wanted to tell you a little about me before I get into the crazy stuff.

I was born with a moderate-severe hearing loss. My entire life I struggled trying to get by with hearing aids but trying to communicate everyday was such a hassel. You would think that would be enough to deal with.  Last year I had surgery since I lost of all my hearing.  I  now wear a cochlear implant which is almost like a hearing aid but a thousand times better. Having this surgery was best thing I ever did for myself.  Being able to hear is such a relief. I can finally have a normal conversation like a human being. My entire life people always assumed I was able to hear because I have a perfectly normal voice and because I am able to talk on the phone.

When I was 18 years old. I didn't realize at the time that I made the biggest mistake. I had this vaccine called Gardasil (to prevent HPV virus). I was just entering college and my Dr. said that the shot was mandatory. I have had two out of the three shots. The second day after the second shot, the last thing I remember was being in class. Everything was a blur and I remember waking up in a hospital bed. For about four years I didn't know what happened. Then my mother and I back tracked. The last thing I remember doing was taking that vaccine which she didn't know about. For the last 6 years my life has been HELL. From losing my hearing, fibromyalgia,  peripheral neuropathy in my legs where  I couldn't walk for months. I even have. a motorized wheelchair because I forced myself to go back to college.  NO JOKE A FRIGGIN NIGHTMARE. Who would of thought all this crap happened to me. It took years to recover. Although I am much better now but I am still not myself. I never will be. Thousand's of dollars in hospital bills everything was NORMAL but i was convulsing like crazy. About 25 different hospitalizations and 6 different hospitals.  Crazy right?

& it gets even better :)

In March 2012,  I started having pain in my throat mostly my right side. I started having pain when I couldn't sleep on my ride side anymore. My regular Dr. said I was fine nothing is wrong with me. So   NOTHING is wrong with me. Then I went to a new rheumatologist and she told me in order for her to help me first she has to take blood work.  A week later I get a call and she saids " you need to go see and Oncologist". My reaction was " WHAT?" is that. She told me its a cancer Dr. These words were never in my DICTIONARY ever.

Finally a weeks later I saw the Oncologist. He blood work and said I have to get a sonogram done for my thyroid. That same day I had the sonogram done at my local imaging place. I have never had a thyroid sonogram before, however I had other sonograms before. This sonogram took all of five minutes. Honestly I still remember the nurse going over my neck it was seconds. Then I was out of there. At the time I didn't realize how bazaar that was. My mother who was waiting for me in the waiting room even said YOUR DONE?  A week later I went back to the oncologist. He said the sonogram was NORMAL. I explained to him I was only there for about a good 5 minutes. I even explained how she just brushed over my neck. " Everything Normal you dont have cancer." Thank God I wasn't hoping I had cancer. I just know my body and I feel something is wrong. Then he saids you have to see an " Endocrinologist". I have a good Dr. for you hes the chief. Right away I assumed I was in good hands.  Once Again I was wrong....

 I met with this Endocrinologist who is the chief of my local hospital. I really thought I was in good hands. I FOOLED myself once again. I explained to the Dr. I gained so much weight and how I dont eat enough to gain this much.  I blew up like a balloon in the last few months. He explained to me that  I have Hypothyroidism. Never heard of this word in my entire life. These words were never in my dictionary. I had to be put on medication that same day. Then a few days later while I am on the medication I started choking a lot and I knew this wasnt normal. Nor did I think it would be a " side effect".  Then weeks go by I started having more pain. I begged for another appointment to see the
" ENDO" again because something isn't right! I know my body more than anybody. I just had a weird gut feeling that something wasn't right. Dr. S. saw my results of the sonogram and said its normal but my thyroid is so enlarged due to the Hypothyroidism.  Weeks later I started feeling like there was a knot in my throat. I started coughing more and more. This time I couldn't sleep on my right side anymore. I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. Then I wasn't able to swallow.  I called the endo to see if he can do another sonogram because at this point I was terrified. Dr. S. didn't think I needed another one. So I left the office with no script in my hand. I was FURIOUS because no one ever listens to me. Not one DR. in this medical community.  He said that it wasn't NECESSARY. That's his exact words. He said's " Maybe you have a cold". In my head I am about to curse this dude out and said " I DONT HAVE A COLD". I was pissed.

I left the office calling my cousin who works at a different imaging place. ( I should of went there in the first place). The Dr. P was awesome. He did a quick sonogram and guess what it took longer than  5 minutes. He was really concerned I remember staring at his face. My eyes wouldn't leave his face. He told me to make another appointment for a full sonogram.

On July 3rd, 2012 I went to Dr. P's office to have the sonogram done. I was uncomfortable on the table because It felt like FOREVER. I was also in a horrible position where you have to keep your neck up and you cant move. I kept asking the lady "AM I OK", " Why is this taking forever" " Are you almost done". Poor lady! I felt so bad for her. I was bugging out.  Then she leaves and gets the Dr. P.  Dr P. comes in and does his own sonogram. MY GOD that 1 hour turned into 3 hours. I am not JOKING.  All I remember him saying was, I am really concerned I need to do a biopsy immediately.  Tears are running down my face non stop. I couldn't breathe. I just felt like my world was CRASHING. I didn't even know what the hell a BIOPSY was. I was horrified scared shitless. The Dr had my mom and my cousin come in to calm me down. Dr. P and the nurse took about 20 minutes to prep for this biopsy. I was hyperventilating I remember saying " YOUR DOING THIS NOW." I thought I was going to make an appointment. Mom and my cousin tried to calm me down but that didn't work.  He took several biopsies. I can still feel him poking at my neck my god. Just awful.

On July 9th, 2012, the Dr. P called me with the results."Danielle first I want you to know this is curable. My jaw dropped. You have Thyroid Cancer. "This is treatable you are going to be okay but you need to get treatment immediately". I didn't even realize at the moment that I was still on the phone with him. I was so confused.  That day I was in my wheelchair going to a DR's. I immediately  went in the backyard and tried to tell my sister. Till this day I can still see my little sister and my niece staring at me. I finally said " I have cancer" call mom. That day was the worst day of my life. I felt so alone and broken.

July 10th- Remember my old Endocrinologist?  He calls me OUT OF THE BLUE! Because Dr P. who did the sonogram and biopsy called him. The endo saids:  " Danielle, I am so sorry Dr. P just call me. I heard you have thyroid cancer, I am so sorry I didn't give you a script for a sonogram. I just didn't think it was necessary. I am so sorry I "MISDIAGNOSED" you.  If you dont ever want to come back I totally understand. Finally I was able to speak and said " I am definitely not coming back because you didn't listen to me.   MORON!  For once from the MEDICAL COMMUNITY I HEARD I AM SORRY. He probably only called so his ass doesn't get sued.

July 13, 2012-  After researching for hours and days. I finally  went to meet with a surgeon who specializes in my cancer. I brought all the lab results, cds and pathology report with me. I decided NYC was the best place because Long Island is DEFINITELY not touching me! I met with my surgeon he put this scope down my nose. I was so scared and really uncomfortable. My surgeon  confirmed I had Papillary Carcinoma. He still had to bring all my results to there "lab" to confirm.

July 16th, 2012, I went back to the office. They had to do there own "sonogram" for protocol.

July 25th I had a followup visit with my surgeon. He confirmed that I had hypothyroidism as well as two tumors that have to come out. The tumors are on the right side of my thyroid. ( DAH thats why I couldn't sleep on that side). For once I didn't think I was loosing my damn mind.  He told me that I needed a total thyroidectomy which requires surgery. Again these words were new to me. I was sick to my stomach. I honestly couldn't concentrate after he said you have it and that I needed surgery. I just spaced out and dont remember a thing.

August 9th, 2012. I had my entire thyroid taken out. I stayed at the hospital overnight. The hospital staff were so supportive, caring and amazing. I was shocked since my experience for the last few years been HELL. The care was amazing and it made me so feel comfortable.  I knew I could " Trust" this place.

On August 13th, 2012- I was rushed by ambulance because my calcium crashed and the on call dr after hours was so concerned. No choice I had to go to my local hospital and I was FURIOUS because I HATE THAT PLACE!

August 17, 2012- I saw my surgeon for a followup after surgery. He confirmed the cancer was still there. Even after surgery " Papillary Carcinoma tall cell variant".  He took out both tumors he said and many lymth nodes that were cancerous. My surgeon was amazing... he did a great job on my neck. I was told to go to my new Endocrinologist right after this appointment. Dad, Mom and I walked down the block to this new Dr.  Dr. R was amazing. He was so supportive and explained that I need RadioActive Idoine which is considered Radiation. Then I have to do this diet for 5 days. Then an isolation period.  Leaving his office I felt a little relief even though I was so overwhelemed. This is alot to take in. Plus everything happened so FAST!

Thats my story.... I decided to blog because there is not much awareness about Thyroid Cancer. Many people say " Thyroid Cancer" is considered the " GOOD CANCER". News flash my friends...
 NO CANCER IS GOOD! People have to realize that.

Thanks for reading :)

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